How Wooden Pallets Are Made

Perhaps you have already heard or watched how pallets are made. But, there are still other people who are not knowledgeable on how it’s made, which is why we want to provide you with a quick summary of how wooden pallets are being made.

Materials Used in Making Wooden Pallets

All pallets are actually made from the tree’s core. However, due to the fact that lumbers that are used in making pallets is just a mixture of softwood or hardwood species, pallet manufacturers often can’t specify the certain type of wood used. But, there are 2 species of wood that’s found in a much her proportion in the mixtures of lumber that are used to produce pallets.


Oak is often used because of its wide availability and its strength. There’s usually a surplus of the oak tree leftover from markets like furniture or housing construction and these are used in the production of pallets. Since oak is considered as a hardwood with high density, oak is really ideal for making pallets that are bound to haul much heavier loads of fragile products.


It’s also commonly utilized in making pallets because softwoods are also considered to be consistent in terms of weight compared to hardwoods, which gives the product a much higher strength to the ration of weight. Furthermore, softwoods are also much easier to dry. This is the reason why it helps a lot in preventing contamination from molds, fungi, as well as other pests. Thus, for this very reason, manufactured pallets with a mixture that’s containing SYP are highly recommended for industries like food and beverage and even pharmaceutical companies where the cleanliness of pallet and handling is extremely important.

The Process

The cants of pallets from local sawmills are actually trimmed to its proper length and then ripped into boards. This is then sewn into the deck boards with the proper sizes and stringers for any type of pallet that’s needed. After that, notches are often cut into stringers in order to allow a two-way entry with pallet jacks or 4-way entry with forklifts. However, if the wooden pallet will be utilized for shipping internationally or in sanitary applications, sometimes the wood might be treated properly prior to assembling it.

Lastly, it’s then time to assemble the pieces together. Usually, this is done manually by hand with staplers and pneumatic nailers for small orders, which is typically less than two hundred units. However, most commonly in large orders, this is done by automated machines as it can nail together as well as produce wooden pallets at extremely higher volumes. There’s actually a wide variation of wooden pallet machinery available on the market nowadays including pallet stackers, pallet nailers, robotic dismantlers, board stackers, as well as saws in order to help maximize efficiency in production.

Now that you know the processes and materials used in making wooden pallets, it’s best that you contact a professional that offers pallets for Sale Houston for more information about how it can benefit you and your business and why you should start using it right away.

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