Why Tree Stumps Must Be Removed

If you call up tree removal experts to cut down your tree, they’ll gladly do so but their service won’t include removing the stump. They’ll take down the tree and remove all the debris but you’ll still be left with that stump on your yard. If you want the stump removed, you’d have to request another service to get that particular job done.

So, before you call a tree feller to cut down your tree, you must decide whether you want the stump removed, and if you have a fireplace, chop down some firewood for you. All of these are separate services that may be offered by the same company. Each service is priced individually because each requires a different set of tools, equipment, and expertise to get the job done.

Why You Should Remove Tree Stumps

There are many reasons why you have to remove tree stumps. Actually, it’s not really a matter of why but when. You must remove tree stumps soon after the tree is cut, if not immediately, because of these reasons:

1. Tree stumps are not nice to look at.

If you cut the tree because it is obstructing the view to your lawn, don’t think that tree stumps are any better. Aesthetics wise, they are not pretty. They actually make your well-manicured lawn and beautifully laid out flowerbed look less appealing.

2. Tree stumps are hazards.

Tree stumps can pose a danger on your lawn, especially to children playing in it. Kids who are always playing and running around in the yard, may not notice that there’s a stump in there so they trip and fall. The same goes with your guests and neighbors. If anybody trips in that stump, then you are responsible for the injury or damage.

3. Tree stumps may lead to the growth of other plants.

Leaving stumps behind causes wildlife to grow, like mushrooms. In other cases, it may even nourish new sprouts, thus resulting in the growth of small trees around it. If you already have a perfectly good plan for your lawn, the stump can ruin it for you. Remove stumps before they become cause more problems for you.

4. Tree stumps are nuisances.

If there are tree stumps on your lawn, then you have to constantly move around it. This is true whenever you are mowing or weeding out your lawn. And you may know what will happen if you accidentally hit a stump while mowing.

5. Tree stumps attract pests.

Tree stumps aren’t just unsightly, but they are also the favorite breeding grounds of pests. Tree stumps take a long of time to decay and rot completely. And when it does, it attracts termites, beetles, ants and similar pests. Now these pets may eventually invade your home if you’re not careful.

If you want a stump removed, then you’ll need the help of tree professionals who are experts in stump grinding Charlotte NC. They can get rid of stumps quickly and safely so they will cease to be a problem for you anymore.

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